Thursday, January 3, 2013

Akka Essentials Giveaway contest!

Year 2013 has begun and what better way to start then by participating in the contest organized by Packt Publishing.

The Prize

The prizes are 2 print copies and 2 ebooks of my new book Akka Essentials that was published couple of months back.

Akka Essentials will show you the current challenges with Java Scalability and concurrency model and how Akka’s Actor Model can help you design and build applications that are inherently scalable and fault-tolerant. Whether you are building new applications or want to refactor an existing application, you will learn the right techniques to build and scale up in no time.

This book is aimed at developers, architects who are building large distributed concurrent and scalable applications using Java/Scala.

What you will learn from Akka Essentials:
Scale up and out your applications using dispatchers and remoting
Build fault tolerance within your application
Handle transactions within your application
Unit test your Akka applications
Integrate your Akka applications with existing enterprise systems using Zeromq
Monitor the health of your Akka application

How to Win Akka Essentials

You can enter by writing a comment to this post explaining why you would like to have the book. The contest has already started and will end on January 31st 2013 at 11:59 PM GMT. Winners will be randomly chosen and notified by email, after termination of the contest. Please do not forget to leave your email id in the comment.

The contest is open to everybody in the world, however print copies are only available to residents of the US
and Europe.

Comments are moderated by me, so your comment will not appear immediately.

I wish all the contest participants good luck.


  1. I am a Scala developer, mostly with the Play! framework, and I am trying to leverage Akka to scale my current application. Although I am starting to understand its mechanics, I have yet to develop an entire application based on it. I tend to learn better from books than scattered blog posts, so Akka essentials would be exactly what I need :-)

  2. We're looking into Akka at work due to its fault tolerance & scaling capacities. This book will help us to learn Akka internals faster, as all the information is already there, and also as a day-to-day print reference.

    p.s: My e-mail id: jpDOTsantosDOTrodriguezATgmailDOTcom

  3. I would like to build a SOA framework based on Akka, and I am sure this book will be extremely valuable when dealing with concerns such as scaling, automatic deployment, discovery, monitoring, availability etc.
    id: dave at friendsend dot com

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  5. Gonna be using Akka on projects this year... christophercundill at gmail dot com

  6. I see everyone is including the email address, I may do it as well, not sure if it is needed...

    minus all the xs.

  7. A hungry beginner waiting to cook a highly scalable and transactional recipe...Wait wait not without the help of the chef -- "Akka essentials".

    anucool dot iiit at gmail dot com

  8. Looking to refactor an existing real-time detection/classification application into an distributed Akka FSM pattern to explore and show the potential scalability and performance gains.

    cranston dot ian at gmail dot com

  9. Wanted to learn Akka using Java for implementing distributed solutions for a healthcare domain application.

  10. I am a evaluating Akka to build a system with high concurrency and parallelism within tasks that could have inter-dependency. Being from Java background, not all the concepts provided in Akka Doc is natuarally comprehensible to me. Hence, I am looking for a better, elaboration on different topics; "Akka Essentials" seems to provide that from what I have read in sample topics available from the book.

    My email id -

  11. Hi I'd like to use Akka in my future integration projects. thanks! my email is guille.fritz{@}

  12. I am brand new to Scala and Akka. I am a student at the University of Vienna and I love to explore new technologies. I want to show my professors, that there is something beyond MPI, which you can use for cluster computing.

    I love Akka, a parallel, concurrent, fault-tolerant and extensible framework with a unit-testing environment. *thumb-up*

  13. Well I am working in an investment bank as a Tech Lead . Just finished a coursera's Functional Programming Principles in Scala. It was quite interesting, during that time found a few articles on Akka, but no good books were available in market for Akka. Good to find this publication in market.
    Want to explore more on Akka with Scala & Java . As right now I am working on grid arch. so will be good to analyse the pros & cons of switching to Akka.

  14. I'm currently writting my master's thesis entitled "Modularization of Large Web Applications". I'm trying to solve the problem of introducing modularization into a already existing, monolith application. That's where this book comes into play. I want to use akka to implement a SOA solution, that is, divide the total workload between actors (or services) breaking the functionality into functional bits (or modules).